Reconciled is the most simple, smart, and beautiful way to review your transactions like a checklist.

Deceptive and unwanted charges impact 40% of Americans, for $14.3 billion annually. With Reconciled, there's no more worrying about cancelling subscriptions, fraudulent charges, or being overcharged at the last minute.

Beauty and brains

The beautiful, colorful, and fast interface delightfully presents your transactions for review and followup.

People power

As other users flag suspicious transactions, Reconciled lets you know. The more you use it, the better it gets!

Peace of mind

With just 10 seconds a day, you can make sure your accounts are under control and your spending makes sense.

Secure and private

Reconciled encrypts your transactions with bank-level security, only requires read-only access, and connects accounts with Plaid by Visa, so we never access or store your banking credentials.

Use it everywhere

Reconciled is available on iOS for iPhone and iPad, and on Mac OS Big Sur, coming this fall.

Fair and transparent pricing

Unlike other personal finance apps that sell your data, Reconciled charges to keep the service sustainable.